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Silicone Bra

Silicone Bra is a semi-circular bra made of high-molecular synthetic material that is very close to human breast muscle tissue. Wearing this bra, you don't have to worry about wearing slings and evening gowns in summer, just like contact lenses. Although Silicone Bra has no adverse reactions with human body, it is limited by gas permeability; it can't be worn 24 hours, otherwise it will cause skin allergies, redness, whitish and other undesirable phenomena. The bra should be cleaned every day during the hot weather. With the continuous improvement of the production process of invisible bras and the development of materials used, the modern Silicone Bra can be worn 24 hours a day; for a series of technical problems related to breathability and not being able to wear for a long time, it has been fundamentally solved. It can be said that It is a fairly mature bra category.
Benefits of Silicone Bra:
1. Since the invisible bra needs to be conformity with the human body, it can be fused with the chest after wearing it, so in some occasions, such as swimming, sports, etc., there is no need to worry about falling down, causing embarrassing scenes.
2, invisible bra is generally more silica gel material, so there will be a certain area and thickness, so people wearing invisible bra will be visually full of looks.
3, invisible bra is generally equipped with lower chest and halter dress, so the body looks more sexy and charming.
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