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Cloth Silicon Bra

XINRUI New Cloth Silicon Bra, Perfect Design Gathered The Breast Together Created More Cleavage, High-Grade Silicon Material And Good Simple Sence Fabric To Keep Your Body Healthy And Safety, Adjustable Button For More Pushup, Using This Bra Will Provide You Freedom To Flaunt Your Back.
1. eco-friendly, non-toxic
2. Self-adhesive bra cups , not easy to fall off, freely
3. Strapless , without side and back extension ,soft feeling
4. Uplift breasts, enhance cleavage
5. Invisible, perfect to be worn under backless, halter or evening dresses
6. Washable, reusable
7. Sizes: A, B, C , D
8. Design and color are alternative and customization are welcomed
9.Safety tested.easy to use,clean and suitable for different skin
10.This type bra is very soft and comfortable , It feels like a natural part of you.
11.The most charming parts of woman's figure should be the alluring beautiful shoulder and pretty back, but the traditional strap bra destroys all these. Now, the bra is able to solve this problem easily.
12.Soft material, since you can hardly feel its existence, you can do whatever as you like.
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