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Silicon Gel Bra

The main use of bra silicone gel products:
Human body silicone and silicone gel materials are mainly used in industrial applications such as artificial prosthetic breasts, massage chest pads, chest stickers, and artificial body model materials. Because it is food grade, it can also be used to make soft silicone molds for food, high-grade silicone products, etc. It is also suitable for cushioning materials for various protective equipment, cushioning for sports soles, special cushions, etc.
Main performance characteristics of bra silicone gel products:
In addition to the general addition of silicone rubber properties, it is not limited by the thickness of the product, and can maintain elasticity for a long time in the temperature range of -65 to 200 °C. This product does not produce any by-products in the curing reaction and has excellent chemical stability. Physiologically inert.
1. Soft to the touch, not deformed, feel good;
2. water, moisture, elasticity, adhesion;
3. good self-repairing ability, anti-breakage, multi-colloid automatic polymerization;
4. anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, ozone resistance, no corrosion, physiological inertia, long-term stability;
5. environmentally friendly non-toxic, food grade, passed SGS, FDA food grade certification.
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